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April Love, Wellness Consultant
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In Pain? Can't Sleep? Raging Hormones? No Energy? Weight Gain?


How do we heal ourselves?

We are all made up of energy, with 144,000 different Frequencies in the different cells that all need to be in harmony for us to thrive at an optimum level. Daily stresses, 5G, our environment, the foods we eat, all affect us and bring the Frequencies out of balance.


Pain and health issues start when our body's Frequencies are not in tune. Similar to a radio station that you have to turn the dial to come in clearly, so does your body needs to be tuned in.


What if, like a radio you could just fine-tune your cellular Frequencies for daily optimum cellular repair?


Sounds great if it can really happen right?!


Well, it can! And we want to teach you how easy it is to scan yourself with the pocket size, go-anywhere device for what your body needs, family members, and pets as well and then send the Frequencies while you are working, driving, working out, and even receive healing Frequencies while sleeping.


Healy, Frequencies for life!


No matter what health challenges you face...

Do it all with Healy!

This amazing pocket-size device supports your total wellness with Individualized Microcurrent Frequency (IMF) Therapy.


By working synergistically with your smartphone, it chooses from 144,000 different frequencies and over 360 programs to find the ones that are right for you at that moment. No 2 sessions are ever the same!

You will have a plethora of choices! What cells would you like to boost today?


Get support for your specific health concerns and more...


* Different Healy models come with different health support programs. Depending on your needs, you may desire a specific model. If you start with a lower-tier model,  you can upgrade at a later date.

Enhance Vitality

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A healthy body, mind, and spirit is what you deserve. Healy offers applications to help keep you balanced in all areas of daily living by bio-energetically regenerating cells.


We all know that healthy cells mean a happy self. Cells are the smallest building block of our human composition that affects every part and our biological processes. We have billions of cells, each of which uses frequency and magnetism to properly function. In fact, our entire being emits its own resonant frequency.


Our cells are ultimately responsible for this bio-electromagnetic phenomenon. This is where Individualized Microcurrent Frequency therapy comes in.


Healy uses IMF to invigorate unhealthy cells with more vitality in order to improve the flow of your body's natural processes.


The result is helping you achieve a more balanced, and healthy state where you are full of life!


Embrace Longevity


Vitality. Youthful energy and vigor. At any age. In any season of your life.


In other words, realizing your potential as a human being, both physically and mentally, for many years to come.


There are many additional support programs that you can add on to any Healy device or model. Bioenergetic Revitalization is one of our favorites. It supports revitalization and acts as a counter-balance to an unhealthy lifestyle that can accelerate the premature degradation of mind and spirit.


This add-on program offers many "anti-aging" features and is essential for all Healy users 50 and up! May stimulate the brain, bones, vision, skin elasticity, and even libido.


Even on its own without the additional Bioenergetic Revitalization app, Healy offers so many incredible benefits to support the Health of mature users in an accessible, comfortable, and affordable way.


We would love to share more information with you on how we personally use Healy to support a healthy lifestyle at ANY age.  Sign up for a free consultation here, or click the button below to shop Healy. 

For the Whole Family


Healy is safe and effective for everyone, including kids and even pets!


With the Healy Resonance model, you can create user profiles for everyone in your family, and the device will scan and recommend healing programs for each one of them.


It's easy to forget that kids can experience their own stresses in life, too. You can use Healy has programs that may help with relaxation, anxiety, or even support their ability to learn and study with ease.


And what about pets. Yes! Our animals may not be able to communicate it with us verbally, but they also experience unique health challenges in life. Switching homes, upset stomachs, UTIs, hip dysplasia, arthritis, cataracts— their furry bodies can have problems just like ours! Healy pet programs may enhance longevity and health, helping them stay happier in their bodies.


Healy is so low maintenance and easy to use, just place the device next to your pet or child while they are resting and they will receive the resonant frequencies. 


Kids can use many of the programs that come pre-installed on any Healy model. For pets, we recommend getting the additional animal program bundle. (Ask about this program during your consultation!)


Food and Fitness


Eating healthy and staying active is essential to a life full of vitality.


But sometimes, we need to find encouragement before we even feel ready to take action. If you know you want to be healthier, but just seem to lack inspiration, find out how you can use Healy as a tool to get back on track!


If this is calling to you,  we recommend the Healy Holistic Health or Healy Resonance models. You might also like to check out the additional Digital Nutrition App. The Resonance Digital Nutrition Application DNA can scan you for what vitamins and minerals your body is not assimilating well and then send those frequencies which may help you assimilate more out of what you are already eating and taking supplement wise.


It will also scan your body and create a list of foods that naturally contain the substances you need.


Want to ask us more about using Healy for food and fitness? We're here to help! Or you can jump right over to the official site to explore the world of Healy. 

This is Healy!

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A Quick Look at the Competition

Before Healy, similar frequency therapy devices like PEMF machines were large, bulky, and required you to sit still while using them. But Healy's revolutionary development in technology brings IMF to you in a small handheld device that you can use anywhere! Even while doing other activities.


Other companies, like BEMER, also boast starting prices at $4,900 for not only an inconvenient but a complex system. In comparison, Healy offers prices starting at just $506, while also offering highly advanced models to rival the best in the industry. Plus, it works synergistically with your smartphone to facilitate ease of use.


And not to mention that no other frequency device out there scans your body for what it needs, only Healy can do that!


Explore Healy Models & Programs

* Different Healy models come with different health support programs. Depending on your needs, you may desire a specific model.

*If you start with a lower-tier model,  you can upgrade at a later date.

*You can subscribe anytime to additional program groups and modules which are not included.

⭐⭐⭐ Special Offer: Purchase Healy Holistic, Healy Aura, or Healy Resonance and get 12 months of subscription bundles for FREE! Then 9 more months at 50% off! ⭐⭐⭐

We highly recommend the Healy Professional edition! Save money in the long run by never having to pay subscription fees. Get the full benefit of frequency healing with Healy whit all programs included!

Wellbeing Awaits


Many people in the health and wellness industry have already heard about Healy, but this easy-to-use device can be beneficial to anyone, even if you don’t consider yourself a health expert or enthusiast. Use it while you’re working, studying, driving, booking, hiking, or even just relaxing. It’s so simple!


And because Healy is so new, it is still a well-kept secret among many practitioners. However, it is quickly gaining traction—Soon, you will be hearing about Healy and Individualized Microcurrent Frequency therapy everywhere.

We are inviting you to be part of a revolutionary opportunity in wellness!

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April Love, Wellness Consultant
Independent Healy World Member

(818) 646-8187

Already own a Healy and have tech questions? Click Here.

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